Our aromatherapy candles are infused with organic essential oils. As they burn, their aroma is released into your surroundings. As you inhale the pleasant aroma, the essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing you to benefit from their soothing aromatherapy effects. 


Box Contains;

2 x Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles 120ml

Signature Candle Collection - Aromatherapy Duo Box

  • Choose your duo:

    Calming - Lavender, Frankincense & Patchouli


    Detox - Rosemary, Lemon & Grapefruit


    Recover - Rosemary, Lavender & Marjoram


    Sleepy - Lavender, Bergamot & Marjoram


    Cleanse - Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Marjoram


    Pause - Lavender, Frankincense, Rose Geranium


    Awaken - Lavender & Lemongrass


    Our Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles contain 100% pure, natural, and organic ingredients.


    Soy Wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and clean burning. Average burn time 20-25 hrs.


    **Please note that our products are handmade using 100% natural ingredients and each batch may vary slightly in colour and scent.**

  • Burning Instructions: Trim wick to ¼ inch/5mm before lighting. Keep candle free from any foreign materials including toppings, matches and wick trimmings. Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Jar may become hot when candle is lit.
    Failure to follow instructions could result in fire hazard or serious injury.


    Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury: Burn candle within sight. Keep away from draughts and vibrations. Keep away from children and pets. Never burn candle on or near flammable materials. 


    Burn Time: 25 hours