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Our Values

Our brand values are the guiding principles that shape our company's identity and influence everything we do. From our products and services to the way we interact with our customers, these values are at the heart of who we are and what we stand for. At our core, we are committed to upholding these values and using them as a foundation for building a strong and meaningful brand that makes a positive impact on the world.

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The Leaping Bunny Programme

The Little Peace Company believes that beauty and household products should be cruelty free. We are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements.


All of our own brand cosmetic, personal care products and household and cleaning products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty free products. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to the Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also

independently audited.


For more information about Cruelty Free International, Leaping Bunny and Leaping Bunny criteria, please visit

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