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Gift set contains;


1 x Palm Stone Crystal of your choice in a reusable burlap bag.

1 x Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts 75g sachet in a scent of your choice.

1 x Crystal meaning card with description of your chosen stone.

Positive Intentions Letterbox Gift

  • Little stones of positivity, perfect to carry with you, or place in your home or workspace.


    Rose Quartz

    Love - Emotional Healing - Trust

    Colour: Pink


    Rose Quartz is famously recognised as the stone of love. This beautiful stone helps to open the heart to love, trust, inner healing & feelings of peace.


    Lapis Lazuli

    Friendship - Truth - Self Awareness

    Colour: Deep Blue


    Lapiz Lazuli is known as the stone of friendship. It bonds friendships & relationships with love and compassion.



    Love - Inner Peace - Serenity

    Colour: Sky blue/clear/milky


    Opalite is a wonderfully serene crystal. It can bring inner peace, serenity & calm to any situation. This beautiful sky-blue stone symbolises new beginnings, clear thinking & childlike glee.


    Tiger's Eye

    Confidence - Courage - Clarity

    Colour: Golden brown


    Tiger's Eye is known to bring courage, self-confidence & protection. It is a highly motivational crystal which brings emotional clarity.


    Red Jasper

    Strength - Protection - Courage

    Colour: Red


    Red Jasper is a powerful healing stone. This beautiful stone is calming, heals emotions and brings energy & determination.



    Protection - Healing - Intuition

    Colour: Purple


    Amethyst is wonderfully protective and neutralises negative energy whilst calming the mind & spirit. It heightens intuition and stills the mind.

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